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Noooooo it are my birthday!

nom nom nom / nooo it are my birthday
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I can has cheezburger: my favorite website ever.

But yes I am going to be a year older soon. I will be able to buy WINE (and whiskey)! Amazing. Instead of buying one of those beautifully decorated Chinese cakes, I made my own. Laptop still won't read my memory card, but it was basically a white cake with whipped cream and strawberries.

Chinese cakes are lighter and fluffier than many other cakes because whipped cream is used to decorate instead of frosting. The actual cakes are also less dense (slightly heavier than angel food cake), but in this case I opted for something probably found online, though the source is uncertain because it's a recipe scribbled in one of my notebooks.

Whipped cream > frosting. For real. I like frosting, but sometimes it's just too much. Cream paired with fresh fruit is pretty amazing, and there is really nothing I'd rather have on my birthday cake.
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