orangehennesey (orangehennesey) wrote,

Banana cream pie.

The boy has a weakness for pie. I have a love of baking and cooking. Nice how that worked out, huh? This was my attempt to impress on our first Valentine's Day together: banana cream pie.

I was unhappily surprised to find that so many recipes for the filling had cornstarch as an ingredient. I have nothing against cornstarch; it was just unexpected. I'd always thought that the filling would be a custard instead of a pudding (milk thickened with eggs vs. thickened with starch).

In the end I went with this recipe for the filling and my roommate's recipe for the crust, with a little extra salt because I wanted to. This crust is super flaky and buttery, so the salt worked well. It was so easy, and yes, I did end up impressing my date :)

P.S. Lest you think it was all fun and games we tried to make Rice Krispie treats as a fun activity (we're lame like that) and FAILED. How does one f*** up Rice Krispie treats?! We didn't even drink that much wine! Sadly, they (it, as it is all one massive disaster) are hard, overly crunchy and more than a little bit scary. I'm still eating them though, because I am marshmallow obsessed.

Tags: banana, custard, dessert, pie

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