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This week in food.

Pre-post tangent: I want to start writing again. Something with a more focused subject like food seems easiest to start out with, so I'm back here. So, hi, I'm back.

I didn't go to enough farmers markets when I lived in L.A. and Santa Barbara and regret it immensely. Living in California where great fruits and vegetables are plentiful is something I took for granted, at least a little bit. That mistake will not be repeated now that I'm back here after living in cold, produce-deficient Great Lakes, Illinois. San Diego farmers markets, here I come :)

I've already been to the Little Italy farmers market and this morning, finally got around to checking out the Hillcrest market with my dearest yunoa this morning. Concise description: it was great. More details soon, i.e. NOT the day before I begin working the night shift rotation at the hospital. Aside from those two markets, current boy has expressed interest in accompanying me to the Wednesday market in his area.

Excited? Me too :O
Tags: farmers_markets, local_food, san_diego

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