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Single girl cooking, - orangehennesey
Single girl cooking,
In my tiny fridge + freezer I currently have these things -

frozen fruit, breakfast sausage, frozen assorted vegetables, chicken breast, meatballs

Vegetables + fruit:
spinach, butternut squash cubes, tomato soup from Trader Joe's, carrots, an avocado, tangerines, tomatoes, zucchini

a pot of rice, tortillas, bread

eggs, bacon, turkey

mango juice, teriyaki sauce, Tapatio hot sauce, butter and leftover duck curry.

I have to use these things. In bold are things I need to use or eat ASAP.

So basically I'm cooking for one in a tiny living space that I'm technically not supposed to be cooking in. No oven or stove. I have learned how to make pretty good food using just a microwave, contraband rice cooker and toaster oven. Today, I'm eating teriyaki chicken over spinach and rice with a microwave-made poached egg. Tried to take a photo but it's just unappealing looking. Need to learn how to make attractive single girl food, apparently.

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gracilejenn From: gracilejenn Date: March 10th, 2010 11:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Since you already have a contraband rice cooker, could you get a contraband electric skillet? I picked mine up on sale for $16. Apparently my goal in life is to cook all my meals in something on my countertop. What brand of rice cooker did you get? I need a new one, the one I have just doesn't work right. I either end up with crunchy rice or a gluey mess.

I recommend turkey sandwiches with avocado slices and spinach.
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