March 26th, 2010


Life gets in the way of eating, sometimes.

I am at the hospital, working the weekend shift again. At least it's not the night shift anymore, for now.

It is completely overwhelming, starting out here. All the studying, all the "practice" and "labs" did not prepare me for this at all. For the 12 hours I am here, I am trapped in work. And if it is very busy, I am so hungry.

Take today. This morning I ate three Mr. Goodbar minis from the staff candy jar, which according to my feeble justification is actually a passable breakfast. Protein from the peanuts, carbs and caffeine from the chocolate. I also drank a lot of bad coffee. That was many hours ago. When I dropped my patient's open IV bag (panic panic panic) and dashed off to get help, one brief (panicked) thought was, "Can I get an IV of food too?" Later I looked at the liquid diet solution and shuddered. It looks and smells brutal. No, I don't care for things like Slimfast or Ensure.

I should have stayed in school. Perhaps in a few years, when I am free again. I have learned my lesson.